PyCon Italia gives to the community the power of deciding what talks and workshops you want to see during the conference!

Vote now!

Who can vote

Voting is open to anyone who has at least one of:

  • Has purchased a ticket
  • Has attended PyCon 2022 or PyCon 10
  • Has sent a proposal to PyCon Italia 2023
  • Is a Member of the Python Italia Association

How to vote

You can vote by going here.

You will see a list of all the submissions and for each submission, you can open it to see further details or ask questions to the speaker via comment.

You will have the ability to vote on a scale of:

  • Not Interested
  • Maybe
  • Want to See
  • Must See

Blind voting

We want each proposal to be voted based on the proposal’s merit and not the speaker's reputation, that’s why you won’t be able to see the authors name or any information about them.

Final selection

After voting is closed, the programme committee will then take all the votes cast and do a final selection to make sure we have a diverse and balanced program for everyone!