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Tickets to join the conference! PyCon Italia is a fun 4 days event, where every year we are joined by more than 600 people, have more than 110+ sessions (talks and workshops) and social events where you can meet new people and have fun in the beautiful Florence. The sooner you buy your ticket, the more you save!
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Social Events & more

PyCon Italia is more than just a conference! PyDrinks and PyDinner are our two main social events, join us to meet new people from the Python community!


You can join Python Italia and support us even more ❤️ Python Italia is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the Python programming language in Italy and abroad, we help local communities and we organize events just like PyCon Italia! Want to know what you get as a member? Other than being an awesome person you also get to vote at PyCon Italia’s Community Voting!

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