Event Driven Applications with Flask and Kafka

Let’s build an event driven application together! Using Flask as framework we’ll add the powerful Apache Kafka, a streaming platform, as backend… all live on stage! Join to understand how to integrate your application with Apache Kafka!


Solid event driven applications are based on a widely adopted coding framework and a resilient data streaming technology. While Flask is a common choice for the framework, a wise selection of the backend data systems can bring benefits in terms of ease of integration and performances.

In this session we will explore Apache Kafka, a data streaming platform, that enables reliable real-time data integration for your event driven application. We will look at the types of problems that Kafka is best at solving, and show how to use it in your own applications. We’ll then take a look at Kafka in action, by creating a Flask web application.

After understanding how to produce and consume events from Apache Kafka, we’ll then introduce Kafka Connect, a selection of pre-built connectors making Apache Kafka your only backend interface, no matter where your data originally sits.

If you’re using Flask, and want to understand how to make your application event driven by integrating it with the most used streaming technology, this session is for you!

Francesco Tisiot
Audience Level
30 minutes
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Francesco Tisiot
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