Psycopg from 2 to 3: designing and living Free Software

Since it is inception, psycopg2 allowed seamless communication between Python and PostgreSQL. But after 15 years and numerous evolutions of both PostgreSQL and Python, a new challenge approached the project: How do we embrace the new ways of doing things while maintaining a stable codebase?

The answer? psycopg3. A unique occasion to rewrite the library without having to worry about backward compatibility.

This talk will go over all the hard design decisions that came with it:

  • What do we keep the same or radically change?
  • How do we make the migration from 2 to 3 as painless as possible?
Daniele Varrazzo
PyWeb & Devops
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Daniele Varrazzo

he / him

Daniele is the psycopg2 maintainer since 2010, and the creator of its successor psycopg3.

Daniele says he has “worked” in computer science since he was given a Commodore 64. Moving from the joystick to Vim’s HJKL keys, he hasn’t stopped having fun. His favourite spot is the intersection of Python and PostgreSQL.

When he is not at the keyboard you can find him shooting photos with his camera or arranging 90s alternative rock songs with his ukulele!

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