The state of innovation with LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY©

Saturday, May 27

11:15 - 13:05
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    It is possible to mix a mindset and a methodology to achieve surprising results in less than 2 hours with a group of people, and citizens. Come and find out in this workshop.

    With the term Business agility, we mean a mindset oriented to the final result (why we do what we do) in which all the members of a team contribute to its achievement. It is implemented through the interrelation between people, producing solutions in which everyone has contributed, which are felt to be their own by the participants and which are oriented towards the final result that you want to achieve. Why implement this modality? Because we live in a complex context, and in it does not count best or best practices, but the ability of leaders to decide with respect to the context and therefore, the ability (and patience) to bring out new practices, counts. However, instructive patterns can emerge if the leader conducts experiments without fear of failure. This is why, instead of attempting to impose a course of action, leaders must patiently allow the way forward to unfold. They must first probe, and wait for the pattern to be detected before responding with the solution. This modality is linked to leadership, understood not as an activity, a degree or a role, but as the ability of leaders to multiply the mastery of others.

    Business agility is about adopting values, behaviours and skills that enable businesses and individuals to be more adaptive, creative and resilient when it comes to dealing with complexity, uncertainty and change, leading to greater well-being and better outcomes. It is not a methodology, but a mindset that guarantees: Depth of the solution (thanks to unlocking the potential of all participants) Trust in the solution (thanks to the development of creativity and empathy in the participants) Commitment by all participants (commitment, thanks to the fact that the solution emerges from the participants and everyone feels it) Speed of diffusion in its implementation (thanks to the alignment, to the mindset aimed at continuous improvement of the context carried out by each of the participants) Effectiveness in the solution, because the results achieved together in different workshops are not only felt as their own but will be followed and will illuminate the action even without the need to be “reinforced” from above because it is aligned on the direction and because focusing on the results and impacts dialogue in teams is simple, direct and natural. Business agility is normally practised with post-its, but if we really want to achieve profound and surprising results then we rely on the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, the methodology developed by Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen to successfully face the main challenges. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a method of creating real-time strategies for individuals, teams and organizations. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitated methodology for thinking, communicating and solving problems together, where each participant, guided through a series of questions by the facilitator, builds their own 3D model with LEGO® bricks and elements, a real metaphor of an idea, a concept, a reality that you want to represent. 3D models serve as a basis for group interaction, knowledge sharing, the creation of shared solutions and decision-making.

    The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, in addition to having the ability to promote perspective-taking as a means of reducing implicit prejudices and making invisible mentalities visible, projects the idea of making decisions and, therefore, is a gym development of creative confidence. Decision-making is achieved through the 100/100 principle (100% of the time is taken by 100% of individuals) and the fact that each manufacturer has the meaning of his own model. Once the invisible (thought) is made visible by the model, people have the power to clearly and objectively define their reality.

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    Andrea Romoli

    Facilitatore Certificato LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Design Sprint e Design Thinking. Andrea aiuta le start-up e le aziende digitali a risolvere problemi e testare nuove idee innovative. Andrea è molto attivo nell’ecosistema digital e startup infatti ha creato intorno a sé una forte comunità e rete professionale, online e offline. Cura da 6 anni per StartupItalia il post “Agenda dell’innovazione” diventato punto di riferimento per l’ecosistema digitale italiano. Mentor di Startup Weekend Milano e Pavia