Granian: a Rust HTTP server for Python applications

Friday, May 26

11:40 - 12:10
Audience levelIntermediate
Elevator pitch

You still use Gunicorn to serve your WSGI application? Still on Uvicorn for ASGI? There’s a faster, modern alternative for you: Granian. Powered by Rust, it serves WSGI, ASGI and RSGI applications providing you SSL termination, HTTP/2 and websockets.


In this talk we gonna explore how Granian can help you serving your application in a fast and correct way, using existing protocols like WSGI and ASGI. We will explore RSGI protocol, and how it can make your application even faster, and see how all of this was possible thanks to Rust and PyO3 project.

TagsAsyncIO, Open-Source, Performance
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Giovanni Barillari

Physicist, software developer, SRE. Photography passionated. Love speaking and writing quite raw.