Beyond the technology: Are YOU considering the human being?

Friday, May 26

11:00 - 13:00
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    As technologist we believe that if anything bad happens – we can just fix it. That dangerous mindset created second-order effects that’ve negatively impacted the end-user & YOU. Come learn a step-by-step framework for how to create positive impact (in the world + your life) through programming.


    As developers, data scientists, open source/ learn in public devotees, we often believe that if anything bad happens – we can just fix it.

    That mindset has created dangerous second-order effects for the both the end-user and YOU.

    “We live in a chaotic world. If a butterfly in Brazil can start a tornado in Texas, then every action we take can and will have secondary effects. Sometimes, the second order effects are more important than the initial consequence.” – James Stuber

    When we critically look at the second-order effects we have created – its easy to see that values are missing in tech – and our personal lives.

    In this fun and interactive workshop, you’ll discover how what you program creates harmful second-order effects – and what you can do to correct this immediately.


    • The second-order effects that impact the end-user
    • The second-order effects that impact YOU
    • The specific negative impact of these effects


    • A step-by-step framework for how to create positive impact through your work
    • To use programming as a tool to discover who you are + what you want most in your life
    • To design a framework to ask for what you need
    • To create + communicate healthy personal + professional boundaries
    • The science behind building habits
    • How to become a true leader (in all areas of your life)

    If you struggle…

    • Giving + receiving feedback
    • With self-doubt + imposter syndrome
    • Communicating your needs + feelings
    • Knowing what you want + feel + believe in
    • Standing up for yourself + what’s important
    • With creating + implementing a specific plan for how you can create positive impact in this world through your work

    … This workshop is for YOU.

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    Angela Parker

    Angela Parker is a Certified Executive Coach, Master Workshop Facilitator, speaker, and founder who teaches deep-feeling leaders & entrepreneurs how to heal, lead, and scale with ease.

    Angela’s best known for her interactive and impactful talks, workshops, masterminds, and retreats.

    Angela splits her time between the Italian Alps, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Japan.

    She loves trays, animals, and car snacks.