PyCon Italia 2022 Keynote: Emily Morehouse

January 5, 2022

Our 2022 started with huge news!

Emily Morehouse will join us next June at PyCon Italia 2022 with a keynote!

If you don’t know her, she is the Director of Engineering at @Cuttlesoft, a Python Core Developer and PyCon US chair 🐍! Be sure to follow her on Twitter at 🤗

If during the holidays you missed our announcements, you can now see all our keynotes on our website! Visit to see what other amazing people will join us!

Make sure you don’t miss out by getting your ticket today! By buying your ticket now, you will also be able to vote what talk and workshop you want to see at the conference, during the voting session that will start in a few weeks! Help us build the conference!

Marco Acierno
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