June 02, 2020 - Matteo Benci

Python & PyConIT against racism and discrimination

Since from the very beginning, the Python community stand out to reject every kind of discrimination. In every event, was it a small one or a huge one, directly organised or indirectly linked to our organisation, the moral Code of Conduct our community always shared and applied helped us opposing the unpleasant attempts to use the differences that distinguish everyone of us to categorise, divide and discriminate people. In some context it was more difficult than in others, and definitely the extreme situation that the USA are going through now makes us understand how society is still far from accepting itself as the manifold and incredibly complex and multifaceted net of experiences, memory, history, curiosity, intuition, sensitivity, emotions, points of view, talents and features that it is. The immeasurable richness which is inside all these differences should associate everyone in a society where the color of our skin as our politic, sexual, philosophic, religious, social and cultural orientation, our origin, social class, knowledge, education, fade together and blend making us all equal in our uniqueness. This is the reason why the Python Italia Association wants to officially rise up in support of the Python Software Foundation official public statement regarding the recent happenings and of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.


Our social efforts will always be against every discrimination and supporting the acknowledgement of diversity as a fundamental value of our society.

The Python Italia Association and the PyCon Italia organising team.