Beginners' Day

Welcome to PyCon Italia 2022 Beginners’ Day!

We are very happy to announce that PyCon Italia 2022 will host the 4th edition of PyCon Italia Beginners’ Day workshop: a satellite event at PyCon Italia 2022 entirely dedicated to everyone interested in learning Python programming 🐍.

General Info ℹ️

  • Is this the right workshop for me ?

    • If you have zero programming experience, this workshop is for you!
    • If you already have some experience with programming, but you are new with Python, we’ve got you covered 🙌.
  • What do I need to participate to the workshop ?

    • You must bring your own laptop 💻, that’s all we ask.
    • The laptop should be preferably able to connect to the WI-FI.
    • No worries : all the setup instruction, and the materials will be shared in due course, prior the event.
  • How much will it cost me?

    • Nothing! The workshop is 100% free ☺️

Why a Workshop for Beginners ❓

We appreciate that sometimes programming can be tough… 😓 ..and this is true for both novices as well as experienced programmers. However, beginners may also struggle with finding the right resources, or the right motivations to begin their journey in programming.

For this reason, we at Python Italia thought that a workshop is what beginners may need to move their first steps with programming, in a way that is less stressful, and more fun! 😎

Why ➡️ this ⬅️ Workshop for Beginners ?

During the workshop you will immediately dive into coding, engaging with several activities, and working out fully functioning solutions from project ideas. A technical tutor will support you throughout this journey, and will guide you through the essentials of Python programming: from variables and operators to functions and data structures.

Hang on, there’s more!

Mentors will also be there, ready to help you with any technical issue, or any question you may have!

Sounds like fun, right? 🤩

About the Tutor 👨🏻‍🏫

Giuseppe Mastrandrea is a computer scientist, a machine learning teacher, and a web developer. Nerd since way before it became mainstream, Giuseppe holds an MsC in Computer Engineering, and he is madly in love with everything relates to the Web (although he sometimes feels he is pining with unrequited love). Since 2011 he’s working as a front-end developer at Frankhood, and he is serving as a computer science teacher in public school since 2017. He’s currently teaching at the Technical School Panetti Pitagora in Bari. In 2020 he started collaborating with Datamasters, teaching several courses of Python programming, and Machine Learning.

Registration ✍️

⚠️ Available Seats are LIMITED due to COVID restrictions. This means that unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate all the requests.

Registrations will be managed on a first-come, first-served policy, with a buffer Waiting list for last minute withdrawals and change of plans.

The session will not be recorded, and it will not be possible to attend the workshop ONLINE.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please sign up here.

NOTE: Read carefully all the instructions reported in the form, and do not forget to redeem your FREE ticket.

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